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I have always wanted to help people grow by building a community. With this in mind, I pondered on how I could contribute to the wave of uplifting each other. My Individual Mentoring sessions are aimed at doing the same!

With the student services, you can get a student discount of 40% and avail the services at a price that you can afford.

All you need to do is upload your College ID proof and we'll get back to you!


5-in-1 Combo

Are you someone who wants to master it all. Then the Power Pack Combo is for you. Avail all 4 Mentoring sessions, each on one day, per week.

Avail the Limited Period offer now!

One Session Per Week


Resume Building

Be it on-campus or off-campus, bagging jobs, and acing your interview, need you to have a resume that helps you stand out. Come join me on the journey of building a bankable Resume.

Resumes are the face of your experience while sitting for an interview. Keep it fresh and clean. 

Job Interview

Career Guidance 

Are you confused about which career path to go for? Are you looking for some personalized tips to accelerate your career or do you want to transition in your career? Join me on this journey of figuring out the right things to be done to pave a memorable career path.


The Job Placement Combo

Avail all 3 sessions at a jaw-dropping cost.

Cover aspects of career guidance, internship grabbing techniques, and placement preparation tips.

One Session Per Week

Image by Ben White

Placement Preparation

(On & Off-campus) 

Preparing for company-specific interviews and grabbing your dream job is not a cakewalk.


Come join me on the journey of acing your placements. Allow me to guide you.

Female Speaker

Public Speaking & Communication Skills

Have you been struggling with putting forth your point of view, ideas, and thoughts? Is it a challenge for you to deliver a speech, interact with people, or give a presentation? Don’t worry, I have been through the same phase. I will be there to guide you on the journey to becoming a Public Speaker.


Linkedin Profile Building

Anyone can create and build a LinkedIn account, but not everyone knows how to leverage LinkedIn by building a rock-solid LinkedIn Profile.

I will help you on this journey. Come join me!

Image by Brooke Cagle

Discover the right Internships

Are you confused about how to apply for internships? Where to apply? And how to make your application stand out? Having done 20+ internships I know what it takes. Come join me on the journey of grabbing your dream internship.


No refund once paid.

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