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A 3 Day LIVE Interactive Online Workshop that is going to help you optimize your profile to land Internships, Jobs, Freelance Gigs, and Generate Leads.

Click on the unmute icon and watch the video carefully till the end.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn & Build a rock-solid LinkedIn Profile Now

The workshop starts from 28th January.

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You Can Achieve the Exact Same Results And Generate 10x Times More Job Opportunities, Freelance Gigs, Inbound Leads and what not?

Here are a few screenshots which I took from my personal LinkedIn profile a few days ago and you can see the kind of Engagement, Reactions, Comments, and Reach I have been getting for the past few months...

The workshop starts from 28th January.

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is Yes!

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The ‘LinkedIn Decoded’ Workshop And Change Your LinkedIn Game Forever!

What will be covered inside the  3 Day LIVE Workshop?


(28th January: 9 PM - 10 PM)

1. What is LinkedIn?

2. Why LinkedIn?

3. How to get started with building a profile on LinkedIn?

4. How to optimize each and every section of your LinkedIn Profile?

5. The tips, tricks, and techniques to build an optimized and rock-solid LinkedIn profile in order to become more visible and stand out.


(29th January: 9 PM - 10 PM)

1. What is content creation?

2. Why should you create content on LinkedIn?

3. How to get started with your content creation journey on LinkedIn?


4. Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn Content Creation.


5. How, when, and what to post in order to make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you?


6. How to leverage content in order to expose yourself to multiple opportunities?


(30th January: 9 PM - 11 PM)

1. What is a Personal Brand?


2. How to leverage LinkedIn to build a personal brand for yourself?


3. Strategies to leverage LinkedIn in order to land internships, jobs, freelance gigs, and generate leads.

4. Tips & Tricks to reach out to people for referrals, land inbound and outbound clients, and start networking.


5. Rarely used features & tools of LinkedIn.


6. Bonus LIVE Q&A Session.

The workshop starts from 28th January.

Don't Believe Me?

Just Listen To What My Students Have To Say About Their Experience...

Still Wondering If This Workshop Is For You?

This LIVE workshop is for you if you are willing to put in the time and effort into LinkedIn for LinkedIn to start working for you.


LinkedIn is the best platform for students to get started with profile building.


LinkedIn will help you network with professionals working in your aspiring career domains and learn from them.


LinkedIn is the most sought-after platform to land internships & jobs.


LinkedIn is a gold mine for working professionals to get noticed and get hired.


Through the channel of powerful content get noticed by top recruiters of your dream companies.

Land meaningful referrals by building trust in your community on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a marketplace of highly driven and motivated people, who can be your potential customers.


Build a brand for your startup/organization on LinkedIn and build a lead magnet for yourself.


Run lead gen ads on LinkedIn for your B2B business.


The best social media platform to find leads as a freelancer organically is LinkedIn.


Attract the right clients by leveraging the power of valuable content on LinkedIn.


Play the right inbound and outbound game to maintain the right clientele.

So, Here Is How

The Workshop Works...

The LIVE 3 Day LinkedIn Workshop costs Rs. 999 (Value: Rs. 4999) to Join and is specifically designed for busy people, even full-time jobholders.

LIVE Session timings are 9 PM - 10 PM on Day 1 & 2 and 9 PM - 11 PM on Day 3 so that the busiest person could attend this LIVE Workshop and take its full advantage.

With LinkedIn Decoded Workshop, I could easily charge Rs. 9,999 for full LinkedIn training... Probably even Rs. 49,999, or more but...

All You Pay Is

Rs. 999!

The workshop starts from 28th January.

In Exchange For That Minimal Rs. 999 Investment, You Get ALL Of This:

1. LIVE Q&A session where each and every question will be answered by me personally. 

(Rs 999 Value)

2. Access to the Dhairya Decodes Community where I share internship opportunities, job opportunities, resources in the form of post-workshop support. 

(Rs 499 Value)

3. Access to attending my Career Development Talk Series with speakers from various unconventional career domains. 

(Rs 999 Value)

4. 15% discount on all my Individual Mentoring session services.

5. FLAT 10% discount on the next workshop you attend of Dhairya Decodes.

6. Access to me as a mentor and guide for a lifetime. 


Total Value : Rs. 7,499

Join The ‘LinkedIn Decoded Workshop’ Today!

For Only Rs. 999

The workshop starts from 28th January.


Who Am I To Teach You All This ??? So, let me introduce myself

Hey, I am Dhairya Gangwani, an Electronics and communication engineer turned management consultant. Currently working as an SAP Associate Consultant with KPMG in India.


I am extremely passionate about content creation, public speaking, anchoring, and mentoring. I have been featured in various national, international podcasts and talk shows. I am also a keynote speaker and guest speaker, having given over 250+ talks at various engineering colleges MBA Colleges, startups, NGOs, and other platforms.


I also host my own talk series called “The Career Development Series" under the banner of FIFO Talks where I have covered 90+ talks with guests from diverse backgrounds from all across the globe.


I am also a Personal Branding and LinkedIn Coach and have helped several Mid-level and senior professionals up their LinkedIn game and create a personal brand for themselves.

Awards & Honours

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-03 at 12.00.14 PM.jpeg

and many more...

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

When and what time will the workshop take place?

This is a 3 Day workshop and this month the slots are as follows:


Day 1: 28th January: 9 PM-10  PM

Day 2: 29th January: 9 PM-10 PM

Day 3: 30th January: 9 PM-11 PM

Will the workshop be a LIVE one or would recordings be provided?

No recordings of the session will be provided. This is a specially curated LIVE workshop for people who want to seriously give in 4 hours and transform their LinkedIn journey.

Which Platform will the workshop be conducted on?

This is an online workshop and it would be hosted on Google Meet. Please download the Google Meet app on your phone or download the desktop app in order to attend the session.

Will the sessions on all 3 days be covered by Dhairya Gangwani?

Yes, Dhairya will be the host for all the 3 sessions and will be coming LIVE on all days.

Will Participation Certificates be provided?

Yes, within 2 Working Days of the workshop you will receive your participation certificates via Email.


The workshop starts on 28th January.

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